7 steps to Latching Success
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  1. First, start with good positioning for both mother and baby (tummy to tummy; mother sitting straight up with pillow under her arm for support)
  2. Next, support breast with C-hold, keeping fingers away from areola.
  3. Tickle baby's upper lip across nipple, and quickly move baby back a little (so baby can't jump onto nipple). Repeat this until baby opens very wide, like a yawn.
  4. As soon as baby opens wide, quickly pull baby onto breast (aiming nipple at baby's nose, not mouth), so that the chin touches first.
  5. Pull baby in close, so, that the baby's nose is also touching, and maintain support of the breast.
  6. Check upper and lower lips (should both be flanged outward, not tucked in), and pull lips out if needed (if the bottom lip is curled in, give the chin a firm tug downward to get it out).
  7. Lastly, how does it feel? If it hurts, immediately release the suction and start over.
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