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Does every woman who breastfeeds need a breastpump?
Even if a Mom might be separated from her baby for a few hours every once in awhile, she does not have to have a breastpump. Many women have found that hand expression works even better for them than a breastpump. Hand expression is a learned skill that just takes a little bit of practice.
Who needs a breastpump?
Any woman who will be separated from her infant for an extended length of time will need a breastpump. Women returning to work can continue to breastfeed their babies with the help of a good quality breastpump.
Does it make any difference as far as the type of breastpump you use?
A breastpump is not simply a collective device for breastmilk. It must also sustain milk production as a baby would. A poor quality breastpump will not accomplish this, and will also cause damage to the breast.
Most breastpumps on the market today are unsafe and ineffective. Right Start Lactation Consulting, can help you choose a superior quality breastpump that will meet your needs.
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